This is the latest of a series of tips extracted from the Green Business Bible e-book:

Avoid the following while making green claims:

  • Lying: don’t be tempted.
  • Manipulating life cycle data: WYGIWYN - the What You Get Is What You Need syndrome.
  • Selective reporting: OK, so your new product may be made from 100% recycled material, but if it is also highly toxic, it would be a bit naughty to suggest it is ‘green’.
  • Irrelevance: stating CFC-free on a product which is never likely to contain CFCs.
  • Overstating the case: Shell recently got in trouble with the Advertising Standards Agency for implying that all of their CO2 emissions were used to grow flowers when only 0.325% were used in this way.
  • Being vague: simply saying you are green is not good enough. Prove it!
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