Running a green business is tough. I have seen many people get bitten by the green bug and then just get bitten. I have seen green product manufacturers use self (badly) printed labels on their products and not understand why they break into the mainstream. I've seen a recycling technology developer wonder why local authorities wouldn't buy his hugely expensive sorting machine. I've seen a recycling company try to jump ahead of the pack with a new processing line then lose money when the Government delayed a piece of legislation.

US green marketing guru Jacquelyn Ottman talks about the 'Green Graveyard' where poorly thought out products go to die. It is a repository for all ideas that aren't rooted in the real world. In the real world:

  • Mainstream consumers want smart looking products in smart looking packaging.
  • Local authorities want cheap, reliable technologies.
  • Political pressures can lead to unexpected changes.

A smart businessman or woman knows they have to work in the real world, acknowledges the realities, and plans accordingly. Being green won't cover up for poor business acumen. But add green and strong entrepreneurial skills together and you're on to a winner.

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