Regular readers will know that I get bemused by the amount of anger on t'internet, especially when it comes to sustainability issues. The killer question is, does anger do any good? I mean, it might make us feel better in ourselves - let out that frustration - but does it help or hinder us in reaching our goal?

When I was storyboarding The Art of Green Jujitsu (above), I made anger a theme of the first half of the story when our protagonist Barry Greene is failing to bring people on board. He blames them, and just tries to shout louder at them via posters and instructions when they don't take any notice. This kind of passive-aggressive anger does no good whatsoever, creating a gulf between you and your colleagues and at worst it can spill into self-righteousness which is fatal.

The lightbulb moment in the animation is a moment of humility. The humility to realise that what you believe isn't important, but what your colleagues believe is. Humility is the essence of Green Jujitsu and I don't think you can do humility when you're angry.


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