My latest book, Accelerating Sustainability using the 80/20 Rule, is out this week!

It was written to change the way we address sustainability issues. As I explain in the video above, I am fed up with the mucking about that passes for progress in our industry - all the bureaucracy, over-precise but inaccurate analysis and low expectations.

The 80/20 Rule says there is often an imbalance between effort and results - typically 20% of effort results in 80% of results, and the other 80% of our efforts deliver just 20%. If you focus on the former and throw off the latter, you'll get much better results, faster - it's a mindset thing.

I'll be hosting a webinar on the book on 28 January where I'll be giving you an insight into how this mindset can change how you approach everything from employee engagement to your sustainability strategy - you can register here.


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