North Tyneside Council has just announced a new cycling strategy. Which is great, except the authority has recently remodelled two major road junctions and the cycling 'provision' is limited to permitting cyclists to zigzag their way through a maze of pedestrian crossings, complete with 90° changes of direction, rather than giving them any form of priority on the road itself. As we're unlikely to see the JCBs back to fix this omission, it's an opportunity missed.

This illustrates the point that we must be embedding Sustainability into mainstream decision making, not just special projects. It is particularly important in major capital projects as once mistakes are made, it is very difficult to fix them.

As usual, there are two elements to this: procedure and culture. The former determines what should be done and the second determines whether it will be done. My favourite tactic is to involve as many people as possible in developing the procedure as then they will 'own' it automatically rather than you trying to sell it to them.


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