The other day my eldest was watching the news with me and asked "Why isn't there a good news channel to cheer us up?" He was right – the news was unremittingly bleak or frustrating with hardly any moments of cheer. And it really can wear us down.

I know I'm not the only one in the Sustainability world who occasionally hits that slough of 'are we really making a difference'? And then you read a headline that the UK's plastic bag tax has led to a reduction in plastic bags in marine litter while other plastic litter increases. Or you read that wind power alone was providing over a third of the country's electricity one day during the recent 'Beast from the East' freeze.

Stuff we do does make a difference – provided of course you are picking the right stuff (check out how the 80:20 Rule can help). And we've got to keep reminding ourselves and others about this. I try to tweet out at least one Sustainability good news story everyday. That small action reminds me that there is a constant stream of good news and hopefully a few other people too.


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