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13 July 2012

Introductory Level

All organisations are coming under increasing pressure from legislators, cost pressures, employees and customers to improve their environmental performance. The Green Academy is an on-line training resource which provides cost-effective, time efficient and low carbon personal development service to professionals who want to green their organisation, with a particular focus on business.

The introductory level has been designed for newcomers to environmental issues as they apply to business. Topics covered include environmental policy and carbon footprinting.

If you know the basics already, check out the advanced level
Your Tutor
Gareth Kane is a leading sustainability practitioner. In his 13 years in the environmental sector he has worked with hundreds of organisations to improve their environmental performance and has trained thousands of people in how to do it. He has written two books on the subject: The Three Secrets of Green Business and The Green Executive, both published by Earthscan.
How It Works
We use webinar technology to deliver the modules. A webinar is an online seminar where you will see Powerpoint slides on your computer and listen/contribute either by phone or via the computer. This means you can take part without having to take time out of the office – and it’s low carbon too as you don’t have to travel.

Before each session, we will send you a workbook which will help you apply the learning to your organisation. For example, in the carbon footprinting module, the workbook sets out the calculations for a simple footprint (in this case we will ask you to have some energy data and a calculator to hand). We never ask you to reveal what you have written in your workbook to the rest of the group.
The series runs twice a year with the first module in February and July and the four in the following months. The sessions are normally on the first Wednesday at 11am GMT/BST. There are no sessions in January or August. The exact dates and contents of the modules can be seen below.
Course Fees
The first module “An Introduction to Green Business” in the series is free.

The other four modules are £45.00 + VAT each, or £150.00 + VAT for the set of four.
How To Register
To register for any individual modules pick them from the list below, or for the whole set click the button below:

What our delegates say:
Gareth’s webinars are smart, punchy and thought provoking. His approach shows how sustainability is about achieving commercial advantage and not simply an altruistic gesture. Highly recommended.” Graeme Mills, GPM Network Ltd.

“[The webinars] are great value and I would recommend them to both CSR professionals and SME owners.” Louise Bateman, GreenWise

“I consider this a must for organisations looking for practical help in improving their sustainability performance.” Ted Shann, Wipro

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