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6 June 2018

Don't Buy Trouble: Building A Sustainable Supply Chain

Date(s) - 6 Jun 2018
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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The supply chain is a Pandora’s box for the sustainability practitioner – the further you go down, the greater the risks, but the worse the visibility. How to tackle this challenge is the subject of June’s Green Academy webinar. Contents include:

• The big picture: supply chain impacts and issues
• The business case for tackling the supply chain
• Basic techniques: policy, questionnaires, rating suppliers, transparency & traceability, outcomes based and forward commitment procurement
• Intermediate techniques: collaboration, industrial symbiosis, eco-design
• Advanced techniques: choice editing, new business models, building a new supply chain

Your tutor is respected green business expert Gareth Kane. Gareth is the owner of Terra Infirma Ltd and has worked with hundreds of organisations from micro businesses to trans- national corporations to improve their environmental and economic performance. Gareth has authored five Sustainability books including Building A Sustainable Supply Chain, and has trained thousands of people in green business issues.

Green Academy sessions are run on-line using the Webex platform which runs on all major operating systems. You will need either a headset for your computer or access to a phone line for audio.

You will receive a workbook (in pdf format) with your sign up instructions before the session. During the session, you will be invited to complete sections of the workbook which will allow you to apply the concepts to your organisation and provide you with an action plan.



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