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9 August 2010

Low Carbon Webinars

I'm doing two webinars for the Low Carbon Best Practice Exchange this month:

• 17 August, 14:00 BST - Staff engagement in low carbon activities.

• 24 August, 14:00 BST - Quick wins on reducing carbon emissions.

There's a small charge to register - for more details see here.

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15 October 2008

Low Carbon Business Strategies White Paper

You can now download our new Low Carbon Business Strategies white paper for free from the resources page. This tells you what to do once you have calculated that carbon footprint and are unsure of how to tackle it. Strategies range from simple carbon management through to developing low carbon business opportunities.

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12 September 2008

Low Carbon Products & Services Seminar - 22 October 2008

I'm giving another seminar on developing, marketing and selling low carbon products and services next month, this time in lovely Harrogate. The seminar is part of the Low Carbon Innovation Exchange event which is certainly the best of its kind that I've ever attended.

At my midday seminar you will:

  • learn the business case for going beyond compliance.
  • discover what makes a product or service a low carbon product or service.
  • find out which markets are booming and why.
  • learn how to market and sell low carbon products & services.
  • identify the risks, and how to avoid them.
  • Plus you will benefit from all the other seminars, panel sessions, one-to-one meetings and round table discussions in the Exchange. Oh, and there's a great lunch included.

    Here's The Deal

    If you register for my seminar, you will also get:

  • The reduced entry fee of £295 + VAT for the whole event.
  • A FREE copy of my eBook "The Green Business Bible" (RRP £24.95+VAT).
  • A FREE 30 min telephone coaching session (normally £150.00+VAT).
  • 50% discount on my full day "Building a Low Carbon Business" Seminar (full price £295.00+VAT).
  • A Certificate of Attendance for CPD purposes.
  • But, to get these offers, you must register via this link. You can see the whole programme for the day here, but you must use this registration link to get the freebies.

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    9 July 2008

    The unrecognised recycling sector

    On Monday I gave a seminar on carbon footprinting and carbon management (using the Terra Infirma brainstorming tool) at the Association of Charity Shops Annual Conference in Keele. I learnt a lot, as I always do in this trade (I've worked with everyone from multi-national pharmaceutical companies through to a crazy golf course - you pick up all sorts of weird factoids). The sector is a huge, professionally run, and very competitive retail operation, a huge chunk of the reuse industry and a huge source of materials for recyclers. This was not lost on the three recycling companies who sponsored the event.

    The seminar went to plan and was well received - despite some shock when we spent half the time actually doing some work. Solutions we generated included checking tyre pressure of vehicles, better use of steamers, buying translucent kettles and even screwing down the thermostat dials. The big contentious issue is open/closed door. As with all shops, open door = more sales but massive energy loss. We didn't resolve this one, but if anyone can think of a solution, post it in the comments.

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