Toyota owners must be furious with the current recalls to fix serious problems across their range. I'm furious for a different (and non-life threatening) reason as in my talks I use Toyota as an example of:

1. An iconic green(ish) product - The Prius (now being recalled).

2. A green(ish) company beating the old GM (with their dirty Hummer) to the #1 motor manufacturer slot - triggering a green overhaul in GM. Do you think Toyota will be #1 next year?

3. The company's Total Quality Management/Toyota Production System as a model on which to develop into a sustainable company. And then they foul up on, you guessed it, quality.

The gist of the points I'm making hasn't changed, but it is harder to make the case when the company is under such disgrace.

There's a lesson in here for green companies - no matter how well you build your case and your brand, one slip and it can all come tumbling down.